Hall Analytical is an analytical laboratory based in Manchester, UK but catering to product manufacturers across the world. Using chromatography and mass spectrometry, we form partnerships with product manufacturers to ensure their products are safe and compliant with pertinent regulation.

Chromatography and product testing is the biggest industry you haven’t heard of. And we’re at the centre of it. The tablets you take, the water bottle you drink from, the snacks that you eat — all of these products, and their associated components, must pass rigorous chromatographic testing before going to market.

That’s where we come in.

As a lab, we specialise in extractables and leachables testing (performing our first study in 1999). ENDS & e-liquid analysis has also become a key part of our business since 2007; however, we specialise in a variety of industries and product types. Our customers bring their products to us because they know we get the job done.

Take ENDS testing, specifically — a fast-growing industry with numerous logistical and safety-related hurdles. We are equipped with the knowledge and instrumentation to navigate the convoluted regulation and ensure that your products are compliant.