At Anatune we believe that controlling or improving anything relies on the ability to conduct effective chemical analyses. After all, the entire world is composed of chemicals. 

Our strength lies in a diversity of thought drawn from our customer relationships, our expert team and a 20 year history of innovation. We are a team of experienced analytical chemists; we have done your job and we believe the old way of buying analytical instrumentation isn’t fit for purpose.

We create bespoke, automated systems that improve the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of chemical analysis. Our customers benefit from improved data quality, increased sample capacity, faster turn-around times and lower total costs.

Our way is collaborative, competent and customer focussed.

Our way is all about great support, efficient organisation and an understanding that the job isn’t finished until your new instrument is doing what you bought it to do.

Our way is about supporting you, your instrument and your applications for the life of your instrument.

Once you have experienced our way, you will never go back to the old way.