Human-Centric Scientists

Arch leads and operates businesses with a common goal — to improve the understanding of the chemical world through analytical science.

Together, our businesses endeavour to deliver products and services for the betterment of humanity. Our work is dedicated to helping our clients deliver on their scientific goals, which will lead to improved lives for us all.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” – Louis Pasteur

Investing. Innovating.

Every Arch business is challenged to innovate on an on-going basis. Through innovative partnerships, we stay to the right of the bell curve and are afforded the ability to promote our raison d’etre—human-centric science. We effectively leverage synergies between our businesses to create a client offering which is truly empowering, but always with a human face; accessible, collaborative and innovative.

We adopt a customer-first approach to business, providing invaluable customer support with a unique combination of technical expertise, humility and empathy.

Leading The Way

Ideas start with us. As thought leaders, we deliver scientific step-changes to our collective client base with proven business advantages.

Our research programmes and collaborations ensure that we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to improve the scientific insights available to our clients. If we are not adding commercial and technical advantage, then our business will not achieve its’ objectives. ‘Innovation over stagnation’ is our mantra.

Quality Obsession

Quality businesses require qualified scrutiny.

At the vanguard of analytical science, we are qualified to recognise and retain high quality people, ensuring they deliver at a high level.

Our businesses are at the leading edge of both commercial and scientific regulatory compliance. We place quality at the heart of our decision-making processes. Every time.